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This web site is a candidate for several internet services provided by Dave Levy. It is an ongoing project. At the moment all that exists is this landing page.

I have now started to populate the downloads folder with files and .torrents. These are indexed on its information services page. Each new file set is announced on the blog.

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Mar 26, 2023

Announcing Solaris 10 resources

Pre-Oracle takeover binaries for Solaris are hard to come by it seems, I have posted sol-10-u6-ga1-x86-dvd.iso (https) which I found on my hard disk and also as a torrent, sol-10-u6-ga1-x86.torrent, this should be Solaris 10, Update 6 for x86.

  1. sol-10-u6-ga1-x86-dvd.iso (https)
  2. sol-10-u6-ga1-x86.torrent (.torrent)
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