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Information Services

Pre-Oracle takeover binaries for Solaris are hard to come by it seems, I have posted sol-10-u6-ga1-x86-dvd.iso (https) which I found on my hard disk and also as a torrent, sol-10-u6-ga1-x86.torrent, this should be Solaris 10, Update 6 for x86.

  1. sol-10-u6-ga1-x86-dvd.iso (https)
  2. sol-10-u6-ga1-x86.torrent (.torrent)

The Forde Report is the culmination of an independent investigation commissioned by the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) in 2020 to investigate both the contents of an internal report leaked into the public domain, as well as the circumstances in which it was prepared and put into the public domain.

  1. The Forde Report 18.7.2022 (https .pdf)
  2. The Forde Report 18.7.2022 (html wayback machine)
  3. The Forde Report (.torrent)

The Labour Party published its action plan on the Forde Report

  1. The Party’s web page (https) and a mirror, (.zip) & (.torrent)
  2. Their spreadsheet responses, i.e. done, in progress, and superseded, these are .pdf and available here as a (.zip) and as a (.torrent)

In March 23, Dr Forde gave several interviews on the Party’s response to the report, and the Party amended its web page to include apologies from Starmer and Evans.

  1. The Party’s web page (https) remains the same but I have created a second mirror, (.zip) & (.torrent)

Dungeons & Dragons is owned by a public company and has published its rules under a permissive copyleft licence. Here are the key ‘open’ artefacts.

  1. The Player’s handbook ( .pdf wayback machine) and my .pdf mirror
  2. The Player’s handbook (.torrent)
  3. The OGL 1.0a & SRD 5.1 (.pdf wizards) and my .pdf mirror
  4. The OGL & SRD 5.1 (.torrent)